Since its inception in 1982, the Coastside Adult Day Health Center’s mission is to keep people as healthy, active, and independent as possible, when advancing years or physical/mental conditions call for extra care and attention.

Our Goal

The Center’s goal is to help restore and maintain mental/physical health, which will enhance the quality of life for our participants and their caregivers.

The Center offers a daily program of activities and health services run by a staff of professionals and aides. The Center works in cooperation with the participants, their caregivers, and their personal physicians in an atmosphere that is both caring and supportive.

Compassionate Staff

  • Janie Bono-James, R.N., Executive Director
  • Kathy Grennan, Fiscal Officer and Accountant
  • Chase Montara, R.N., Program Director
  • Katrina Wislosky, R.N., Director of Nursing Services
  • Raine Harbison, R.N.
  • Jocelyn Villaruz, R.N.
  • Lynne Siracusa, LCSW, Director of Social Work Services and Admissions
  • Jane Pittsinger, Physical Therapist
  • Ruth Horsfall, Speech Therapist
  • Leda Woods, Occupational Therapist
  • Tracie Dalton, Dietician
  • Debbie Eich-Cisneros, Activity Director
  • Ray Silva, Activity Assistant
  • Bellina Belo, Program Aide
  • Robin Cavales, Program Aide
  • Shyr Agustin, Program Aide
  • Fe Diego, Program Aide
  • Mardelia Garcia, Program Aide
  • Jocelyn Howard, Volunteer
  • Dale Salazar, Maintenance

Faithful Volunteers: We can’t do without!

  • Benson Bell
  • Peter Master
  • Sharon Shad
  • Lynette Brohm
  • Jackie Samoluk
  • Pat Lancaster
  • Paul Lippert
  • Paul Godwin
  • Ron and Irene Cotta
  • Kate O'Shea
  • Coastside Celtic Combo
  • Peter Alexander Welch

Board of Directors

  • Janie Bono-James, R.N., Executive Director
  • Bob Pelikan, President
  • Mike Serdy, Vice-President/CFO
  • Chad Hooker, Secretary
  • Anne Minoletti, Ambassador
  • Sue Heckman
  • Susan Vandiver
  • Ann Ritter
  • Paul Minoletti